Welcome to the official website of Jiří Ledvinka

I am engaged in:

– lecturing activities –
– online events and discussions –
– harmonization of the human soul and body –
– mediation of direct contact with one’s own inner self –

From Father to all

„For some in secret, God is still waiting,
where hard hearts are,
there the hands of the Father can not rest.
Where a being comes to me in love, we are seen in ourselves

My Activities and Services:

Online events

and meetings

  • Online God’s Imprints
  • Online God’s Imprints for advanced
  • Online Harmonizing Imprints in Silence
  • Online Conscious meetings with Soňa under the coverage of Jiri Ledvinka
  • Online Harmonizing meetings with guests

Live events

and meetings

  • Live Harmonizing Imprints
  • Live Gods Imprints
  • Live Conscious meetings with Sona under the coverage of Jiri Ledvinka

Interviews on Youtube

Experiences and impressions of the meeting participant:

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