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During my work and at meetings, I answer questions and comment on a specific situation, a specific person in a specific period, or I speak in general about principles and possibilities, but how the client deals with the information and his further life and situation is solely his own responsibility. No techniques and recommendations are a substitute for professional medical or comprehensive clinical psychological, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric care!



A natural element in my dealings with clients and the processing of their data is complete secrecy about everything that is heard or revealed during a consultation or counselling, similarly to how a doctor or therapist is bound by a medical secret.


Thank you for your interest in my services and visiting my website. I appreciate your trust and that is why, in line with fair dealing and the EU Regulation on personal data protection, the following text has been prepared.
Its purpose is to inform you on how your personal data is stored, on your rights and how you can exercise your rights, in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), which replaced the previous rules of personal data protection given by Act No. 101/2000 Coll.

Who is the administrator

The administrator is „Naděje člověka“ („Hope of Human Being“), represented by myself, Jiří Ledvinka, Business ID No.: 07027753, with its registered office at Žernovník 18, 679 21.

Administrator’s statement

I declare that your personal data is stored and treated in accordance with the latest requirements, moral, ethical as well as technical. I fulfil all legal obligations required by the valid legislation, especially the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR.

Scope and processing of personal data

From your personal data, I use and store for the purposes of fulfilling orders: Name and surname, telephone, e-mail, or address (always for identification and communication), gender (for addressing needs).

Contact details are used only for the needs of contact and client identification, or for sending an invitation or notification of a new article, a news item on the blog, an invitation to an event organised by „Nadeje cloveka“ („Hope of Human Beeing“) or in cooperation with it. Contacts can also be used in case of an unexpected change of date by the provider.

Personal data intended for contact and scheduling dates and meetings are managed and stored by myself, Jiří Ledvinka.

The data required for invoicing (name, address, general content of the order, payment amount, or ID number) are required by the laws on accounting and tax records and I use them for accounting purposes.

When browsing my website, my Active24 web service provider uses so-called cookies and basic traffic statistics. I also use basic site analysis from Google Analytics. As a part of this, data such as your IP address, which subpages you visit and how long you stay on the page and from which page you come are analysed anonymously. I do not process cookies for better targeting of advertising, but only for verifying the readability of articles and the attractiveness of individual pages, so that I can improve the quality of the information provided and its form.

Security and protection of personal data

I obtain all your personal data from you with your knowledge and provide it for the needs of order processing completely voluntarily or their need is given by law (in the case of accounting).

None of your personal information is shared anywhere, not even in anonymised form.

My technology is secured in accordance with the latest commonly available means of quality electronic data protection. Electronic ordering by e-mail or SMS is securely stored at the e-mail and telephone service provider, whose databases are secured in accordance with personal data protection and current security requirements of professional or corporate e-mail and telephone services providers.

Your rights regarding personal data protection

You have the right to information about how your data is handled, which I fill in this page/form.

You have the right to access your personal data. You can contact me at any time and I will show you how I store your personal data and you can also check it at any time.

You have the right to delete your data from my database. You can request it at any time, either by phone or e-mail, and I will delete your data without delay and permanently.
In some cases, there is a legal obligation to record some data even after deleting all others for a certain period of time (e.g., registration of issued tax documents for a period stipulated by law). In this case, I will delete all personal data except those that are bound by another law.

You have the right to the portability of your data. If you would like to transfer your personal data to someone else, contact me again and I will send you your data in machine-readable form and delete it from my database.

You have the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Office. If you feel that your data is not being processed in accordance with the applicable regulations, you have the right to file a complaint with the UOOO, but I will be happy if you contact me first in case of such suspicion so that I can correct any discrepancies immediately.

You have the right to restrict the processing and define the purpose of processing your data. You can inform me that you want to leave in the database or in my records, for example, only data for future consultations, but you no longer wish to retain data from our consultation sessions or e-mail communication. Or, if you suspect that I am processing inaccurate data or processing it differently than you wish, you may request that the processing of any part of your personal data that may be affected be deleted or restricted.

You have the right to change your data. If you have new contact information or find that I use your outdated and invalid information, you can update your information.

Third parties

Your personal data is not given to any third-party, with the exception of web, e-mail and online payment service providers: Active 24,, Clipsan and Google Analytics (e.g., within stored secure and encrypted e-mail communication or when processing an online order and payment). Administrative administration and communication within the technical support of orders is provided by a team of co-workers who follow the same rules as me. The protected databases of my associates and business partners are also subject to the GDPR regulations and they are also bound by the confidentiality and rules of the GDPR, towards their clients. Copies of issued invoices and tax documents are processed by external accountants, also bound by confidentiality and GDPR rules, towards their clients.

Your data is only processed within the territory of the European Union.


General terms and conditions

You can also find the General business, delivery, payment and complaint conditions here.

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Online God’s Imprints with Jiri Ledvinka
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22.3.2022 from 7pm

Annotation: The unique model of encounter is intended for all those who are no longer looking for answers to the questions of everyday events, but long to immerse themselves in the greater depth of the Divine essence and therefore their own. Your questions and answers to them will be supported by energetic action and the essential can happen not only through verbal answers, but mainly beyond words.

When: On Tuesday 22nd March 2022 from 7pm to 8:30pm (19:00-20:30 Prague CZ time)
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