About me

My name is Jiri Ledvinka and my mission is to help people find themselves and recover not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

I have the gift of inner hearing, inner voice and guidance, as well as the ability to perceive energies, mental and spiritual states. I have been perceiving this ability since I was 15 years old. Thanks to this, I can convey true and pure answers to any questions, see hidden things, causes and contexts, and also work directly with energies and thus harmonize a person’s body and soul. Thanks to this, people can return to themselves, to the original harmony.

At present, I am engaged in lecturing activities and arranging direct contact with one´s own inner self.
I publish articles in journals and online media, such as Czech magazines Medunka or Celostni medicina.
I have been invited to interviews and discussions with Jaroslav Dusek, Dagmar Dosedelova, Tomas Ondrak, and others.
I regularly appear on the internet television Cesty k sobe.